#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 73-75: Automate tasks with Selenium
Lecture: Hello world Selenium: search python.org

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0:00 Let's look at the Selenium hello world example. And let's look quickly what happens when I run this.
0:09 And I have to move the browser into my recording area. I put the PyCon into the search box, hits return, looks at the results and makes an assertion.
0:23 Now how cool is that, that it just opens a browser, does all this stuff automatically? And when you're dealing with web pages
0:30 you probably want to inspect them so you can do that here, and you can look at the developer tools and here you see that input has a name of queue,
0:39 so that's Selenium here is finding. Sending PyCon, hitting return and no results found should not be in the driver page source.
0:49 So here to back to the results. Yes there are results for PyCon obviously. And the talk a lot about automating tasks,
0:57 but one of the most common use cases is actually to automate your testing, go through your dev sites, filling out forms, looking and returns
1:05 and automate that as part of your functional testing. So that's the hello world example of Selenium.

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