#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 73-75: Automate tasks with Selenium
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Welcome back to the 100 Days Of Python.
0:03 Wow, Day 73, you're making great progress.
0:07 The coming 3 days I will be your guide,
0:09 to teach you how to use Selenium in Python
0:12 to automate some cool tasks.
0:14 After some basics, we dive straight into
0:17 a practical example, where I will show you how
0:19 you can use Selenium to login to a website.
0:23 In this case, Packt, where I got some E-books
0:26 piled up that we will grab with Selenium,
0:28 making them downloadable from the Command line.
0:31 That's already pretty cool, but then we will
0:34 look at a second application.
0:36 We log into the PyBites banner app,
0:38 which is a Flask app, we simulate using the
0:41 forum manually by posting the variables straight
0:44 to the server.
0:45 And it comes back with a banner, all in a
0:47 automated way.
0:48 And that's pretty powerful.
0:49 But if you need, like, to make 200 banners,
0:52 a tool like Selenium can save you
0:54 a lot of time.
0:55 So this will be a very practical lesson,
0:57 a lot of code, and will be a lot of fun.
0:59 And at the end of it, I will have some
1:01 practical exercises, so you get your hands dirty
1:04 with Selenium.
1:06 Let's dive straight in.