#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 70-72: Excel automation with openpyxl
Lecture: Setup: install openpyxl and your env

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0:00 Okay, so the first thing we need to do,
0:02 as usual, is set up our environment.
0:05 So we're going to create ourselves a virtual environment,
0:12 called venv,
0:14 and once that's installed, we are going to launch it.
0:21 Okay, and then we're going to pip install openpyxl
0:28 That's all we're going to need for this lesson.
0:30 The other thing you can do, if you wish,
0:33 is create a python file in this directory
0:36 called excel_automation.
0:40 Furthermore, if you want to follow along with the
0:43 commands, as I type them,
0:45 you'll want to download the financial sample.
0:49 Okay, this is a document that you'll see in the repo.
0:53 Pull that Excel file across and you should be able
0:56 to follow along with that.