#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 70-72: Excel automation with openpyxl
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 Okay, for the next three 3 with ppenpyxl, here's what you're going to do. For the first day, obviously, there's going to be a bit
0:08 of setup for it and I will be going through explaining the workbooks and worksheets. Okay, that's in that video there.
0:16 And after we do that we're then going to deal with pulling some cell values, so pulling data out of the spreadsheet. It's going to be pretty simple,
0:25 but it's going to be pretty useful, okay? So use the financial sample xlsx file, it's located in this repo, okay?
0:35 For Day 2, you're going to actually expand on everything you learned in day one with max row, and then on inserting data into the spreadsheet, okay?
0:47 That's a very useful one, as you can imagine. So that's going to be a lot of fun. Once you're done watching the videos, obviously,
0:53 play around again with that spreadsheet, and play with inserting data. So maybe do it one cell at a time.
1:01 And then try populating an entire column, okay? For Day 3, this again as usual, is where you're going to do it yourself.
1:09 Okay, come up with something cool. Ideas, perhaps try editing an employee shift roster. Okay, so imagine a roster in a spreadsheet
1:20 of people's names and times and dates and whatever, and maybe monitor it for changes, okay? So there's a script that
1:28 does something when something changes, or perhaps a script that allows an employee to update it. So your spreadsheet is almost like your data base.
1:37 Okay, you could also try doing that with a financial budget, something similar, so when you get a list, or a dictionary,
1:45 of spending data, it updates the spreadsheet, okay? You could even populate the spreadsheet with data, pull down from an API of some sort.
1:54 Okay, so have a go, enjoy it, and excuse the pun.

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