#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 67-69: Copy and Paste with Pyperclip
Lecture: Setup: Install Pyperclip and your env

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0:00 Righty oh, let's get cracking. All right, so a quick setup for us. Let us quickly create our virtual environment.
0:12 Create the venv and all we have to do for this video for it to work for the rest of this lesson is pip install. First let's activate it.
0:24 Okay, so, pip install pyperclip because it isn't in standard lib. And once that is installed, I'd like you to go through
0:34 and just create the following two files text-replacer.py and affiliate.py. That should give you a hint as to what these scripts are going to be.
0:45 So once you've got everything installed, and pip installed and whatnot, just go ahead and move onto the next video.

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