#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 67-69: Copy and Paste with Pyperclip
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 Okay, very quickly, here's how your first three days for pyperclip are going to pan out. So for the first day, you're actually just going
0:08 to learn how to use pyperclip. That shouldn't take long, only a couple of minutes, because it's very simple. And after that, you're going to generate
0:16 an affiliate link using pyperclip. That's a script that we use, and it's actually quite useful.
0:22 You've got a used case there that you can probably change to suit your needs, so that's a great script to be creating on Day 1. Okay?
0:32 Day 2, you're going to do the same thing, you're going to create another script. So these are going to be a few easy days,
0:38 you're just creating stuff for yourself, right? Create a text replacer script. Now this one will, well, you can read here.
0:45 It allows you to replace text using pyperclip. I won't give too much away, watch the videos. And last but not least, Day 3,
0:55 come up with something yourself using pyperclip. Okay, so you've got the basics down, well, it's all basic, right?
1:03 And what you need to do is create a challenging project for yourself, okay? You can complete it or not on Day 3, it doesn't matter,
1:10 but one great idea is a persistent clip board. Something that will, I guess, save the things that you copy to the clipboard,
1:20 and then allow you to paste them all back later. That's a really cool idea. Another one would be a sort of password vault.
1:28 It doesn't have to be secure. I wouldn't actually recommend using it, but create a password vault that uses pyperclip
1:34 to do the copying of your password for when you want to paste it out somewhere. So these are some cool used case ideas,
1:42 use your imagination, and make something great.

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