#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 64-66: Sending emails with smtplib
Lecture: Email Project Setup

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0:00 Alrighty, this one's nice and quick,
0:02 the setup, so just go ahead
0:04 and create yourself an emailer folder.
0:06 whatever you want to call it for this project,
0:08 and install your virtual environment.
0:12 Now, with this, smtplib and the mime modules
0:16 they're all built in, it's all standard Lib.
0:19 So you actually won't need to pip install anything extra.
0:22 Not for this, but as always let's just
0:27 activate our virtual environment
0:29 just so we have a nice clean environment to run in.
0:34 And in this directory go ahead and create yourself
0:37 two files, I'm separating them just for ease
0:40 of explanation right.
0:42 So we're going to create an emailer file
0:45 and an emailer-mime file.
0:49 Call them whatever you want,
0:51 that's just what I'm naming them.
0:52 And let's populate the files.