#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 64-66: Sending emails with smtplib
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 For the next few days, we're going to be working with
0:03 sending emails with the SMTPLib.
0:06 And to do that, we're going to break it down,
0:08 obviously, across a couple of things.
0:11 The first day is mainly preparation,
0:13 and again, across both days, it's going to be a bit taxing,
0:17 but just bear with it.
0:19 So you'll need a Gmail account,
0:21 and you'll need to obtain your Gmail application ID.
0:25 There is a video on exactly how to do that,
0:28 and it'll walk you through it from start to finish.
0:31 Then, you're going to, pretty much still on Day 1,
0:35 send an email with SMTPLib.
0:39 So it's very cool, you get to send that email using code,
0:42 so that's fantastic, all right?
0:46 Day 2, you're going to actually
0:48 make things a little bit nicer,
0:50 and learn what you can about
0:52 the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions module.
0:58 So, you'll learn a couple of little things there,
1:01 you'll also learn a little trick,
1:03 which will allow you to maintain or honor your BCC rules.
1:09 Okay, I'll explain that in the video, you'll find out.
1:12 And lastly, Day 3, what I would like you to do is,
1:17 now that you have your perfect
1:21 basic email script, okay, and it works,
1:25 I'd like you to start adding data to it.
1:27 So figure out somewhere to pull the data from,
1:29 it could be from a previous challenge
1:31 in this entire 100 Days Of Code course, could be anything.
1:34 But what I'd like you to do is
1:36 get that data into an email and email it off to yourself.
1:41 And that's it, so have fun, enjoy the next 3 days.