#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 61-63: Using the Github API with Python
Lecture: Third day: more practice / requests-cache

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0:00 Right, welcome back to the third day of the GitHub API project. I hope you had some fun by now using the GitHub API
0:08 and you chose an interesting project to work on, and this gives you some more links. So here's the GitHub Developer REST API Version 3 documentation.
0:18 You probably will use this a lot, although it should also try to help in the pdb inspection techniques I showed you in this lesson.
0:27 And maybe if you're not making the GitHub objects with a token, you might run into limitations of the amount of calls you can do to the API.
0:36 Here is an article about request cache. The cache is close to the API in an SQI database, so when you're developing your cool app,
0:46 and you do a lot of calls to the API, this could actually be useful to keep that limit down. The other thing is that this might
0:53 speed up the response from the API, because it just creates your local database. So this just an extra pointer you might
1:00 want to check out when working with any API actually. And don't forget to share your work. You can use #100DaysOfCode, there's a lot of people
1:10 doing that, and that's getting quite some traction. And of course, feel free to include Talk Python and PyBites in your tweets.
1:18 We are really passionate about this stuff, and love to see what you guys are doing and coming up with.
1:25 Have fun and go learn a lot of API GitHub goodness, and Python of course.

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