#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 61-63: Using the Github API with Python
Lecture: Second day: examples / get practice

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0:00 Welcome back to the second day
0:02 of the Github API project and today it's your turn
0:06 to start using the API with Python to build
0:09 something practical, something usable, something you like.
0:13 We've done a couple of code challenges
0:14 on the PyBites blogs that are related.
0:17 One was to query your favorite API.
0:20 And one of the submissions was building a
0:22 Github profiler that takes a user name
0:26 and returns a nice profile page using Flask.
0:30 That could be a nice use case here.
0:33 Secondly, there was Oktoberfest,
0:36 by Digital Ocean last October,
0:38 and you could get a t-shirt if you made four pull requests,
0:41 and obviously the Github API was used
0:44 to measure the amount of pull requests
0:47 so we made a challenge to use bottle
0:50 to replicate that application,
0:52 and although that it's not running anymore,
0:55 it's still a cool app to query the amount
0:57 of pull requests a user makes during
1:01 a certain period, so that could be another thing to work on.
1:04 Then I want to highlight co-challenges.
1:07 Our platform that uses to Githun API
1:09 to log in users and we have a dedicated button.
1:14 And I'm already logged in with Github
1:16 as you saw in the previous lesson.
1:18 And another feature for example
1:20 is the whole integration of our blog challenges.
1:23 The flow is like write up, setup with git,
1:27 total whole process of making your branch,
1:30 and finally you can submit your work.
1:31 And if you do a PR, we used to get API
1:35 to reach out to your branch and see if you
1:38 actually committed Python fouls,
1:40 which in this case I did not, not yet.
1:42 And this again is integrating the Github API
1:45 into our web application, so that's another example.
1:49 And that's it, that's those are a few ideas,
1:52 and be creative, remember this is great stuff
1:55 to show in your Github profile, so have fun and learn a lot.