#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 61-63: Using the Github API with Python
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Welcome back to the 100 Days of Python, Day 61.
0:04 Wow, that means you're already 60% in.
0:07 Way to go and keep going.
0:09 I hope you enjoy it.
0:10 The next 3 days, I will be your guide,
0:13 showing you how you can use the GitHub API with Python.
0:17 We will be using a module called PyGitHub,
0:20 which makes it pretty easy to work with the API.
0:23 We will both retrieve data from the API,
0:26 as well as post data to the API.
0:29 While doing that, I will also show you
0:32 the builtin help and their functions in Python,
0:35 to retrieve more documentation from the API.
0:38 And finally, I will also show you how to use pdb,
0:42 the debugger, to look at your code in realtime.
0:45 Working with APIs is a very useful skill to have.
0:48 So I'm very excited to show you how to do that.