#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 58-60: Twitter data analysis with Python
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Hello and welcome back to the 100 Days of Python.
0:03 The next three days, I will be your guide,
0:05 teaching you how you can do
0:07 Twitter data analysis with Python.
0:09 First, we set up an application with the Twitter API.
0:12 Next, we set up a virtual environment and import
0:15 the Twitter key secret and access tokens.
0:18 Then, we dive straight in using the cursor object
0:21 of the tweepy module to get all our tweets.
0:24 Then we show our most popular tweets
0:26 based on an average of the number of likes and retweets.
0:29 Then we look at the top hashtags and mentions,
0:32 and finally, we feed all our tweets into an awesome module
0:36 called Wordcloud, which makes a nice visual representation
0:40 of our Twitter usage.
0:42 And the second and third day, I got a lot of
0:44 interesting projects lined up to solidify
0:47 your newly gained Twitter data analysis skills.
0:50 This will be a lot of fun
0:52 and I'm exciting to teach you this.
0:54 See you in the next video.