#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 55-57: Structured API clients with uplink
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 Third day, you have your API client built.
0:03 You've got your program ready.
0:04 Now you need to use it.
0:06 So just fill out program.py.
0:08 Add a simple UI that just asks
0:11 the user a questions like, hey, what,
0:13 or how do you want to search for your movie?
0:14 By director, by keyword, and so on.
0:17 And then just use your client to do that search
0:20 and then present the results to the user, right?
0:23 Should be pretty straightforward.
0:25 Remember, you get the response back,
0:26 you have to make sure that it's valid
0:28 and then you call json to actually get the data, right?
0:31 That's it, so hope you enjoyed learning about uplink.
0:33 It's a really unique and interesting way to models APIs.