#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 55-57: Structured API clients with uplink
Lecture: Your turn: Day 2

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0:00 Now, for Day 2, you're going to
0:01 work with this movie service.
0:03 Now, I just copied these over for you.
0:06 Here are the three API endpoints.
0:08 So, /api/search/{keyword},
0:11 /api/director/{directorname},
0:14 things like that.
0:15 So, I've kind of laid out the goals of what I
0:18 would like you to do on this particular day.
0:21 On the second day, what I want is for you to
0:23 more or less create the movie search client class.
0:26 This is the uplink client.
0:27 Don't have to test it, you don't have to use it,
0:29 but you're going to need to add three methods to it,
0:32 one for each endpoint.
0:33 All right, and there's a few other steps about
0:35 like setting the base URL, and things like this.
0:38 And here's just a reminder of how this generally looks.
0:41 This is not what you do for this one but,
0:42 you'll have a class, interactional consumer,
0:44 you have a method,
0:46 it derives from uplink.get, and you can pass parameters.
0:50 So, shouldn't be a huge effort for you, I hope.
0:53 But, fill this out to match these three end
0:55 points as you see fit.