#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 55-57: Structured API clients with uplink
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 You've seen how fun it is
0:01 to build API clients with uplink.
0:04 Now it's your turn,
0:05 and we're going to have you build an API client against
0:08 an API which has several endpoints.
0:10 You've seen this service before,
0:11 over at movie_service.talkpython.fm,
0:14 and it has these three endpoints.
0:16 Recall we did this in one of our service demos previously
0:19 but we're going to take an entirely different approach
0:21 and you're going to write that from scratch.
0:23 So over here,
0:24 we've seen that we can go /api/search/something,
0:29 here we're searching for all movies that have Run
0:32 as a substring on keywords,
0:34 or we can find them by director.
0:36 Here's all of the movies written by,
0:38 or directed by James Cameron. Things like that.
0:40 So we're going to take this
0:42 and let you model it with uplink.
0:45 So the first day,
0:46 really is just mostly watching the videos
0:49 and if you've gotten this far, you're pretty much there.
0:51 So you're mostly done.
0:52 Go ahead and just create a shell project,
0:56 an empty project that has a virtual environment,
0:59 it has uplink installed,
1:01 and program.py and an api.py.
1:05 And then just you know import uplink inside the api.py,
1:07 import api inside program.py, run program.
1:09 Make sure it's all hanging together, right?
1:11 So you'll be ready to start for the next day.