#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 55-57: Structured API clients with uplink
Lecture: Use the official API if available

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0:00 Now, let me just put one final warning out there
0:02 before we jump into building these API's with Uplink.
0:05 Uplink is great for creating structured clients
0:07 against HTTP services,
0:08 works really, really well.
0:10 However, if the API you're working with already has
0:14 a Python implementation, use that.
0:17 It's likely implemented and maintained by the company
0:20 that actually controls the API.
0:22 It'll continually be upgraded, and so on.
0:26 So, for example, over here at Stripe, they have an API.
0:28 We could use Uplink to build our very
0:31 own client to talk to it.
0:32 But, we can just pip install stripe,
0:34 and they'll maintain that and upgrade that over time,
0:37 and we don't have to worry about it.
0:39 So, Uplink really fits in the place where you have this
0:41 structured API you want to work with,
0:43 however, it doesn't have like an official
0:46 PyPI package that is the API wrapper.
0:49 Which there are many, many of those of course,
0:51 but first check and see if there's something from the
0:54 company or organization to already access that API
0:57 and use that, but if not, Uplink, that's where we're goin'.