#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 52-54: Parsing RSS feeds with Feedparser
Lecture: Concepts: what did we learn

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0:00 First things first, let's go through the ReadMe file. Quick word of warning, feedparser is a very very quick topic.
0:09 As you can see by this stuff on your screen, this is not going to take you very long. And yeah, reality is, that's what feedparser is.
0:17 It's just that simple, that it's quick to learn. So Day 1, you are going to pretty much do everything. You're going to watch the videos,
0:26 set up your environment, pull the feed and then parse it. Okay, so it'll involve using requests. Day 2, I'm going to show you how
0:35 to do a quick, sort of tricky sanity check when parsing your feed. So, watch the Feedparses and the Check video
0:46 and then that's pretty much everything you need to know by that point. So, I'd like you to pull and parse an RSS feed of your choice.
0:57 A bit of practice for you on Day 2. Now on Day 3, just wrap it up by watching the concepts video and then I want you to come up with something to do
1:10 with the data you're pulling from feedparser, okay. So, again, the usual stuff is there, like store it in the database or email it out.
1:19 Build some sort of application around it, but I like the idea of maybe letting the user specify from a list what RSS tags they want to pull down, okay.
1:32 So, that could be a cool little project. So, day three is just testing it. Playing it around, seeing how you go,
1:39 but that's the three days for feedparser. They're going to be very quick and very small in size, but enjoy them nonetheless.

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