#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 52-54: Parsing RSS feeds with Feedparser
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 Okay, very quick setup for this project, we're going to create the feedparser folder, just like I have, and we're going to install our
0:09 virtual environment, very good practice as always. Once it's up and running, we can launch it, venv\scripts\activate, it because I'm a Windows junkie,
0:22 alright, now we can install feedparser, alright, that might take a minute or two to install, depending on your speed, and everything.
0:34 Once that's done, we will try and install requests, and that's pretty much all we need for this project.
0:41 After that, we're going, we're actually going to use requests to pull down the XML file, and then use feedparser to parse the XML feed,
0:50 so install requests. Alright, off it goes, and we are done, now folder-wise, inside your directory, I would like you to create
1:04 two Python files, one called parser.py, and one called pull_xml.py. Okay, just do that, empty files, and we will continue in the next video.

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