#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 52-54: Parsing RSS feeds with Feedparser
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Good day everyone, I'm Julian Sequeira.
0:02 Welcome back and this time we're going to look at Feedparser.
0:06 This is a library that is really cool
0:08 and I absolutely love it.
0:10 I use it in a few scripts
0:12 and it's actually designed to parse RSS feeds.
0:15 Go figure.
0:16 It's really, really fun to use,
0:18 very simple, very satisfying.
0:20 So let's move on to the first video
0:22 and what we're going to do
0:24 is first we're going to pull down an XML file
0:26 in our RSS feed.
0:27 And in the next video after that,
0:29 we're then going to parse it.
0:31 Really simple and quick.
0:33 Let's get to it!