#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 46-48: Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup4
Lecture: Setting up the environment

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0:00 Okay, we just have a little bit of setup
0:02 to do for this one.
0:03 First things first, as always,
0:05 let's create our virtual environment.
0:09 Same thing, venv.
0:12 Once that's installed, we need to install
0:14 Beautiful Soup 4, of course,
0:16 but we also need to pip install requests.
0:19 So let's do that quickly.
0:21 We'll just activate,
0:24 the virtual environment here.
0:27 Okay, now we can do pip install requests,
0:32 and once that's done, we can then do
0:35 pip install bs4
0:39 You can probably type in beautifulsoup4,
0:41 but bs4 is fine, and that's it.
0:45 We have that installed.
0:46 The last thing I'd like you to do is just create
0:50 a file called scraper.py,
0:53 and throw that into your project directory.
0:56 When you run it, it will look something like this,
0:58 scraper.py, just here.
1:01 Okay, and that's it.
1:02 So once you've got all that set up,
1:04 launch your file and let's move on to do some coding.