#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 46-48: Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup4
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 This is the readme file for beautifulsoup4,
0:04 for Day 46 to 48 on web stripping.
0:08 Now, day N the first day you're going to be
0:11 working on this course, I would like you be watching
0:15 the video on setting up the environment,
0:18 getting a quick overview of beautifulsoup4.
0:21 This is if you have no familiarity on
0:23 what it is and how it works, and then
0:27 build your first Beautiful Soup 4 scrapper.
0:30 It's actually not too much work, but there is a bit
0:34 of theory there, with the overview,
0:36 and you should be able to get it up and running,
0:38 and then give it a crack yourself, okay?
0:42 Watch the videos first, because if you're not familiar
0:45 with it, it does help to watch it start to finish, okay?
0:49 Pull your first site, use the example site
0:51 in the video, or if you really want to
0:54 challenge yourself, grab another one.
0:57 Day 2, what I'd like you to do is watch
1:00 this video on requests best practice, okay?
1:04 This is covering a little thing that people tend to
1:07 do with requests that is actually the wrong way to do it,
1:11 and we discuss the best practice for actually
1:14 doing it, I won't give it away now.
1:16 Then, what I'd like you to do is follow
1:19 along with this video, detailed
1:21 Beautiful Soup 4 scrapping and searching.
1:25 This will actually go through how to do some
1:28 targeted searching, so to speak,
1:31 of the data that you pull down and scrape, okay?
1:34 It can be a bit tricky and a bit frustrating
1:37 to find exactly what you want,
1:39 but stick with it and you'll get there in the end.
1:42 And Day 3, as usual, it's your turn.
1:44 So, you've figured out how to scrape a website,
1:48 you can pull the data that you want,
1:50 so now I'd like you to actually do something with it, okay?
1:54 So store it database, display it in something
1:57 like a Flask app or a GUI, automate it by
2:00 emailing it, do whatever you can think of, right?
2:03 So, come up with something and do that.
2:07 If you can't think of anything, you could try this one.
2:10 I've added an extra option here for you to try,
2:13 which is to find a site that looks complex.
2:17 Think of something that maybe has Flash,
2:19 or whatever other animations on the website.
2:23 Pinpoint a data sample, so just something on
2:25 the website you think that could be interesting,
2:28 and then see if you can extract
2:30 it using Beautiful Soup 4, okay?
2:34 So that's it, give anything like that a try.
2:36 Day 3 is your freestyle, free-for-all,
2:39 do whatever you want, and just have a good play.
2:42 And, move on to the videos and get started.