#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 46-48: Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup4
Lecture: Introduction to BeautifulSoup4

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0:00 Okay, everyone welcome back.
0:02 This is web scraping with BeautifulSoup 4.
0:05 I'm Julian Sequeira, again,
0:07 and just a disclaimer, this has nothing to do with dinner.
0:11 This has everything to do with web scraping.
0:14 If you're hungry, go get something to eat.
0:16 If not, crack on, because what we're going to do now
0:19 is this is going to be a very quick module.
0:21 We're going to run through
0:23 pulling down a webpage with requests,
0:25 not in any detail because we've done that before.
0:28 Then we're going to parse that webpage information
0:32 with BeautifulSoup 4.
0:33 You can do some really cool stuff,
0:35 so I'm very excited to show you this one.
0:37 Just set up your environment and the next video,
0:40 and then we'll get straight to some code.