#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 43-45: Consuming HTTP services
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 The last day is adding polish.
0:02 We're going to use a namedtuple.
0:04 Now here's an example from our movie one.
0:06 You want to create a corresponding one
0:08 for a search result.
0:10 The other thing we're going to do,
0:11 this is really, really simple and slick,
0:13 is, if we look over here
0:14 you'll see that there is a URL
0:16 that you can get to for every result.
0:19 What you're going to do is you're going to write
0:20 a little bit of code that asks the user
0:24 which one of these would you like to view
0:25 in your web browser.
0:27 Maybe give 'em a number,
0:28 and they can put 3, and so then you're goal
0:30 is to write a little bit of code
0:31 that will open the web browser
0:33 and a new window at that URL,
0:35 and literally those two lines of code
0:37 is all it takes across platform.