#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 43-45: Consuming HTTP services
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 Now you've seen me build an application
0:02 using requests to consume a JSON API.
0:05 It's your turn to consume a different API.
0:10 So drop over here in GitHub,
0:12 and we're going to go through the various things
0:16 and the read me here for what you do
0:17 for this particular day.
0:19 We're going to start out by basically just making the skeleton,
0:23 create a virtual environment,
0:24 create a program .py and an api.py,
0:27 and just make sure that you can import one
0:29 from the other, and we're going to install Postman.
0:33 So make sure you install the Postman application.
0:35 Most of what today was
0:37 was just watching the corresponding videos.
0:40 So get everything setup and get ready
0:42 for the next day.