#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 43-45: Consuming HTTP services
Lecture: Introduction to HTTP APIs

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0:00 Hello, this is Michael Kennedy and I will be your guide for Day 10, 11 and 12. And during these three days you're going to work with JSON APIs and
0:10 in particular with a couple of search-based APIs. But of course, what you'll learn here you'll be able to apply to pretty much any JSON API.
0:19 APIs are really important. These are the way that you reach out and you add superpowers to your code, to your application.
0:26 You might write an application that has some data in the database, it's got some information that users have input,
0:32 but maybe you want to add weather information, or integrate with Github or talk to Twitter. All of these use APIs. And so we're going to look at
0:40 the foundation of APIs in this challenge, which is basically HTTP and JSON. And we're going to do that from Python, of course.
0:48 So we're going to work with two services. One service I'm going to demonstrate how we write code against it, and then I'll give you another service
0:56 for your code challenge that you can play with, and if you don't like either of those services for your code challenge, feel free to
1:02 just go find another one. You'll probably have enough information to do something pretty interesting after this series of videos.
1:09 So let's go look at this movie db search service.

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