#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 40-42: JSON in Python
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 And here's how your next 3 days are going to look.
0:04 So, for the first day working JSON,
0:07 you're going to watch two videos.
0:08 You're going to inspect some JSON schema,
0:11 and then you're going to watch how
0:13 to pull down and decode JSON data.
0:16 Now, the data set you're going to
0:17 be pulling down does need an API key
0:20 which I don't think you'll have,
0:23 and you don't have to get it for this;
0:24 you can just follow along.
0:25 I've also actually put the data set
0:28 that we pull down into the repo,
0:30 so within this repo you can find it.
0:34 Now for Day 2, you're going to look at how to
0:37 pass the nested dictionaries within that same data set.
0:42 So for Day 1 you were just playing around with it
0:45 with what you found in the video.
0:47 Now for Day 2, that's when you drill down
0:50 further into the actual JSON nested dictionary part.
0:55 Now once you've watched the video on how to do it,
0:58 I'd like you to spend the rest
0:59 of this day, Day 2, playing with it.
1:02 So you're going to actually just use that data,
1:05 pop it into your script, into your shell,
1:07 whatever it is that you're going to be using,
1:09 and then go ahead and just play with it.
1:12 Follow the same advice and have a go.
1:15 And Day 3 is your turn, so what I'd like you
1:19 to do on this one, little more interesting,
1:21 is I would like you to go to our PyBites Code Challenge 16.
1:27 We'll bring that up here, and that's all
1:30 about querying you favorite API.
1:33 A lot of APIs, as we know, will return JSON data,
1:37 so what you can do is, and a good example is the OMDB API.
1:42 You can use that to return JSON-formatted data on
1:46 your favorite movies and then come up with an inventive
1:49 way to present or request that data.
1:54 So have a read-through, have a go,
1:56 and share whatever it is that you come up with.