#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 40-42: JSON in Python
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 And here's how your next 3 days are going to look. So, for the first day working JSON, you're going to watch two videos.
0:09 You're going to inspect some JSON schema, and then you're going to watch how to pull down and decode JSON data. Now, the data set you're going to
0:18 be pulling down does need an API key which I don't think you'll have, and you don't have to get it for this; you can just follow along.
0:26 I've also actually put the data set that we pull down into the repo, so within this repo you can find it. Now for Day 2, you're going to look at how to
0:38 pass the nested dictionaries within that same data set. So for Day 1 you were just playing around with it with what you found in the video.
0:48 Now for Day 2, that's when you drill down further into the actual JSON nested dictionary part. Now once you've watched the video on how to do it,
0:59 I'd like you to spend the rest of this day, Day 2, playing with it. So you're going to actually just use that data,
1:06 pop it into your script, into your shell, whatever it is that you're going to be using, and then go ahead and just play with it.
1:13 Follow the same advice and have a go. And Day 3 is your turn, so what I'd like you to do on this one, little more interesting,
1:22 is I would like you to go to our PyBites Code Challenge 16. We'll bring that up here, and that's all about querying you favorite API.
1:34 A lot of APIs, as we know, will return JSON data, so what you can do is, and a good example is the OMDB API.
1:43 You can use that to return JSON-formatted data on your favorite movies and then come up with an inventive way to present or request that data.
1:55 So have a read-through, have a go, and share whatever it is that you come up with.

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