#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 40-42: JSON in Python
Lecture: Introduction to JSON

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0:00 Hi everyone and welcome to JSON in Python.
0:04 This is Julian Sequeira and I'm going to be walking you
0:06 through some of the more interesting ways
0:09 of dealing with detailed JSON output.
0:13 So JSON, if you're not familiar with it,
0:15 stands for JavaScript Object Notation
0:18 and it's pretty much just a way
0:20 of formatting data, okay.
0:22 One of the most common ways of seeing JSON
0:25 when you're working with Python
0:27 is through contacting APIs.
0:30 Through working with numerous APIs out
0:33 through the web.
0:34 And one of the things about that
0:37 is that you actually get
0:38 really complex dictionary nested situations going on.
0:43 So the JSON output,
0:44 if you haven't seen it before,
0:45 just looks like a little dictionaries and lists
0:48 and if you get
0:49 really deeply nested lists and dictionaries,
0:53 it gets really complicated
0:55 to try and pull out that data,
0:57 which is why JSON can sort of screw with you, pretty much.
1:00 So, what we're going to do
1:01 is we're going to go through that
1:02 in the next couple of days,
1:04 have some fun with it and see what other cool APIs
1:08 you can talk to by the end of it.
1:10 So, let's move on.