#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 37-39: Using CSV data
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 Now that you know all about working with CSVs, it's time to do some data journalism. You're going to come up with an amazing question,
0:08 and find a data set, and answer some questions about it. So, let's get you the steps here. First day is, you're basically done with the first day.
0:16 It's more or less to watch the videos, but the final thing to do, I hope you're inspired, is to head over to the GitHub repo, fivethirtyeight/data.
0:24 And sort of look through there and find one of the data sets that looks interesting to you, and think about answering some questions.
0:31 So, here's what an example of that may look like. Alright, so you might want to write these three things down. So, here's the goal, is, I found,
0:39 maybe I should put data set first in terms of the order, but I found this data set on where you live in the United States
0:46 you eat different things on the U.S. holiday Thanksgiving. So, if you live in the American South, you'd have one type of thing,
0:54 if you live in the North, in like the Northwest, you eat something different. It also varies by income, so pretty interesting.
1:02 So, you go over here and the goal is going to be to predict, you know, ask two questions of the user, and then predict what they have for Thanksgiving.
1:10 So, you ask them where do they live and how much money does their family make, and you're going to use this data set to basically,
1:18 generate a set of things they're going to eat, right. You're going to eat turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and things like that.
1:25 And they answer the questions differently, that menu that you provide to them might be different. So, here's sort of the steps that you need
1:34 to do for those few things, alright. I think that's going to be fun. You don't write the program on day one. You've already watched all those videos
1:40 and listened to me talk, so you're goal is to just find the data set and have a question.

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