#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 34-36: Refactoring / Pythonic code
Lecture: Your turn: Day 2 and 3

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0:01 Welcome back. In this second and third day, I encourage you to take our Code Challenge 30. It's The Art of Refactoring: Improve Your Code.
0:12 And, the task of today and tomorrow is to get some of your code, run tests and do some refactorings, making it more Pythonic.
0:21 Also, I would recommend to start looking at Flake8, or Pylint. I personally use Flake8. And integrate that into your editor.
0:30 And have a check upon each save. Or, what I did, for example, in the vimrc, I have a shortcut:, f. And when I press that,
0:39 it runs Flake8 and it opens a new editor window where it highlights my PEP8 violations. So that way I keep my files clean during development.
0:48 Optionally, you can look at Code Challenge 35 and use Better Code Hub to look at your code quality overall. Using how we use the tool
1:03 to improve a couple of our projects. And don't forget to tweet out your progress.
1:20 You can mention Talk Python and PyBites in your tweets, and we would love to see what refactorings you come up with,
1:26 or what your favorite Pythonic concept is you learned from this lesson. Alright, good luck and have fun.

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