#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 34-36: Refactoring / Pythonic code
Lecture: Refactoring 8: PEP8 and Zen of Python

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0:00 Number 8. PEP 8 and the Zen of Python. Any Python developer should become familiar with PEP 8 and use it in their code.
0:10 So here's the Style Guide for Python and you really should read this end-to-end and make a habit of formatting your code
0:17 in the proper way, using variable names with underscore, so all these conventions. There's even a recent initiative, pep8.org,
0:25 which should make this even easier to digest. And it's really nicely formatted and gives you some more context.
0:32 And, of course, if you do import this from your Python REPL, you get the Zen of Python. And the more you write Python,
0:39 the more you see how this applies to the language and it's design. It's really where you start to better understand and appreciate the language.

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