#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 28-30: Regular Expressions
Lecture: Third day: more regex exercises

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0:00 Welcome back to 100 Days of Python.
0:03 Wow, you're almost done.
0:04 It's the third day of the regex 3 days block.
0:08 I hope you're enjoying this and getting a good grasp
0:11 of writing regular expressions in Python.
0:13 So in this third day, let's get you some more practice,
0:17 and I have some exercises lined up for you.
0:21 First of all, we have, on our Code Challenges platform,
0:24 Bite 2, Regex Fun, where you can solve this problem
0:28 of extracting course times out of a string,
0:32 getting hashtags and links, and match the first paragraph.
0:38 Then we have mastering regular expressions
0:41 also as a blog challenge.
0:43 And if you like to work more in your own environment,
0:45 I encourage you to do this one because you get
0:48 a branch on the code challenges repo
0:52 and you can just work on your system.
0:54 And finally, I mean, those exercise,
0:57 we think are good practice, but of course feel free
0:59 to get your own data, and parse it,
1:03 use regular expressions to clean the data, etc.
1:07 It's actually how we got started with code challenges.
1:10 We came up with this exercise where we saw this
1:14 JavaScript course and we saw all these timings,
1:17 but there was not a total so the first
1:20 pilot code challenge was, go filter out these timestamps
1:25 and calculate what the total course time is.
1:28 It's not necessarily curriculum stuff,
1:30 but it gets you to practice.
1:33 And with practice comes mastery.
1:36 So use any data you want.
1:38 The goal is to use more regular expressions.
1:41 And don't forget to share your work on Twitter.
1:44 You can mention the handle @100DaysOfPython.
1:49 Good luck, have fun, and remember:
1:51 Keep calm and code in Python.