#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 28-30: Regular Expressions
Lecture: When not to use regexes

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0:00 Let's dive straight into a notebook
0:02 I've prepared for this class.
0:04 It's sometimes said that I have a problem,
0:07 I use a regular expression knife too,
0:09 and in a sense that's true,
0:11 that they're intimidating when you start.
0:13 But there are only a few rules so
0:17 get some practice and you will see that
0:18 they're not that difficult.
0:20 Let's import the re module.
0:22 First of all, there are cases that you don't
0:24 want to use a regex.
0:26 The standard string methods are pretty powerful
0:29 and cover some of your needs already.
0:31 For example, I have a text.
0:33 'Awesome, I'm doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge'
0:36 And we want to see if that string starts with 'Awesome'
0:39 so no regular expression needed for that
0:42 you can just do text starts with
0:45 Awesome and True.
0:49 Or does it end with
0:53 'challenge'?
0:55 It does.
0:57 Or does the case insensitive version
1:01 of text has '100DaysOfCode' in it?
1:04 Now for that you'd first want to lowercase the string
1:08 and then you want to see if
1:11 100DaysOfCode
1:14 is in that string.
1:19 And it is.
1:21 And what about replacing?
1:23 So I am bold and I'm taking 200 days of code.
1:28 I don't recommend that by the way.
1:30 Well you can just do a text, replace
1:36 100 text strings
1:38 by 200
1:41 and awesome, I'm doing the 200 days of code.
1:45 So for these kind of string operations,
1:48 you don't really need a regex.
1:50 So look at the string operations that are available
1:53 in Python and use those instead.