#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-27: Error handling
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 Day 3, it's time to take those errors that you've discovered and put in specific error handling for each one of them.
0:08 So here I've written out a little try-except block that shows the standard error handling in Python, you can use this as a template,
0:15 take the various types of errors you found on Day 2, figure out how you might either deal with them or at least
0:20 let the user know, keep your application running. Add the error handling to your code, make sure that it actually does handle the errors,
0:28 you know, get the thing to fail in whatever ways you were doing before to find the errors, but now you should have some kind of nice response
0:36 that's not a full-on crash, maybe it even keeps running and just asks the question again, something like that.
0:41 Now that you know how to do error handling, you have some practice with it, when you're writing your applications,
0:46 be sure to think of the errors that can happen, put the error handling in place, and fail gracefully.

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