#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-27: Error handling
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 Now you've seen how error handling works in Python, it's time to put it into action for your code. Before we get started, I just want to make the point
0:08 that one of the key differentiators of professional programs and applications as opposed to simple scripts that
0:15 people just throw together, or code that beginners write, really often has to do with the error handling
0:21 and ability to continue working when something goes wrong. This error handling and exception processing in Python
0:29 that we just covered that is really central to it. Professional apps still crash of course, we still run into problems, but they do so much less often
0:37 and when they do we typically have logging and real-time error monitoring with things like Rollbar to let us know and so when they happen
0:45 we get lots of details and we go back and fix them. That sort of hardens our app over time. Right, so your goal is to add this error handling
0:53 to one of the applications. So you've already watched the video so that's great. The thing you're going to do for Day 1
0:59 is you're going to go and look through the applications you've already created as part of this #100DaysOfCode challenge.
1:05 Or if you want to pick something else that you've maybe written outside of this course you're also welcome to pick that,
1:11 and we're going to take that application and improve it. So that's today, you've already done most of the learning
1:16 and then just pick the app you're going to work on for the next two days.

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