#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-27: Error handling
Lecture: Introducing Python's error handling

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0:00 Probably time that we talked about error handling.
0:02 I'm sure that you've encountered some issues
0:05 with your Python code and you may wonder
0:08 what is the right way to catch these errors in Python.
0:12 Well, that's what this next three day section is all about.
0:16 Have you encountered Python's errors?
0:18 Have you seen what's called a traceback here?
0:21 This is the report from trying to run the Python program
0:25 when something actually went wrong on line 21 of api.py.
0:30 Let me get a little info here,
0:31 there's a type error : and this
0:34 gives us a description of what that is.
0:35 The type thing on the left here, the type error
0:37 is an exception type and it tells us the category of error.
0:41 On the right is the actual message
0:43 of what went wrong within that category.
0:45 So None type, object is not iterable.
0:48 Turns out that in this case, the data return
0:51 from the server was empty and we tried to loop over it.
0:53 That doesn't work so well.
0:55 So we're going to see how to deal with a variety of errors
0:58 the proper way in Python.