#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 22-24: Decorators
Lecture: Third day: write your own decorator

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0:00 Welcome back. For this final day of the decorators lesson, I got another code challenge for you. It's more an open challenge, which you also can do
0:11 on the Code Challenge platform, and basically it's to write a decorator of your own choice. You can just look at your code maybe,
0:18 refactor things that are repetitive, but I leave you totally free to build something that's useful for your needs.
0:25 For example, when we did the #100DaysOfCode, at Day 95, we used a decorator of our own. By the way, here you see how cool it is
0:37 to keep a log of your progress, 'cause you can always go back to all the scripts you have written. So here, Day 95, we used a decorator
0:46 to cache movie results. And here we wrote a decorator to store or cache movie results. It's doing that in the store helper, which you can see here.
0:57 So that's an example of how we used the decorator for our own needs. And that's what I challenge you to do by taking this challenge.
1:04 And, of course, we invite you to PR, or pull request, your work. And there are instructions here to get set up with git
1:12 and pull request your work, which you can also do here on the platform. By the way, don't forget to share your awesome scripts
1:21 on Twitter using #100DaysOfCode and feel free to include us. Tag Python and PyBites. We are really happy to see what you all come up with.
1:31 So enjoy, and learn a lot about decorators.

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