#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 19-21: Iteration with itertools
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 The next three days are
0:01 going to be pretty jam-packed
0:02 with content for you guys to consume.
0:05 So, for itertools day one, what I'd like you
0:08 to do is actually just watch the videos.
0:10 There are four videos to do, and they involve
0:13 cycle product combinations and permutations, okay?
0:19 I'd like you to pay specific attention
0:21 to cycle, I'll explain why in a second.
0:24 But, pretty much, that's all you have to do for day one.
0:28 Nice and easy. Just grasp the concept and play in the shell.
0:32 I cannot stress that enough.
0:34 Actually do some live coding in your Python shell, okay?
0:40 Do that to really grasp the concepts
0:42 of cycle product combinations and permutations.
0:46 For day two, you're going to create a traffic light script.
0:52 Okay, now what this script is going to do,
0:55 it's actually going to pretty much just emulate
0:58 or simulate traffic lights.
1:00 Red, amber, and green.
1:02 Okay, nice and simple, it uses cycle.
1:06 Which is why I want you to learn itertools cycle
1:10 and pay attention to that one specifically.
1:13 And you're going to create it before
1:14 you watch the traffic lights video, okay.
1:18 The video is there, it'll be right after combinations
1:21 and permutations, but please try not to do that
1:23 until you actually give this an attempt.
1:27 Okay, give this a go yourself, and then check
1:30 the video to see how you went, okay?
1:34 Now for your last day, after you've finished
1:37 your traffic lights, I would like you to have a play
1:43 with bite 64,
1:45 bite 17, or bite 65
1:48 on the code challenges platform, okay?
1:52 These are three bites that are free
1:56 for you because you're in this course.
1:58 And they will actually make you use itertools
2:03 in some way, shape, or form, okay.
2:06 Some of them are easy, this one's intermediate here,
2:10 and this one's also intermediate, okay.
2:13 So have a good play with these three bites.
2:18 There's nothing much to it; you'll code within the browser
2:21 and you'll hit test to run some tests against your code.
2:24 A really great way to spend your third day.
2:26 Nice and easy, it's all laid out in front of you,
2:29 you just have to focus on the code.
2:31 So if you want to go
2:32 to bite 64, 17, and 65
2:35 using these three links, you'll get them for free, and then
2:38 you can spend your last day just plain coding.
2:42 And that is pretty much your three-day wrap-up.
2:45 Go through it, if you have any questions, always reach out.
2:48 But, other than that, move on to the