#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 16-18: List comprehensions and generators
Lecture: Second day: a practical exercise

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0:01 Welcome back to 100 Days of Python.
0:03 The second day of list comprehensions and generators.
0:06 Now that we've got some theory down,
0:08 it's all about getting practice.
0:10 I've got some small exercises to get practice.
0:14 So, here you're provided with a names list
0:18 of names and surnames.
0:19 And can you write a simple list comprehension
0:22 to convert those names to title case, and reverse the
0:25 first and the last name?
0:27 Then we use that data to make a simple
0:30 generator that generates output like this.
0:35 So, we initialize the generator.
0:37 We look through a range of 10,
0:40 and call next on the generator.
0:42 And every time we call next
0:44 it returns name one teams up with name two.
0:47 And those names are randomly chosen
0:50 That should not be too hard
0:52 after yesterday's lesson.
0:54 So have fun, and tomorrow
0:55 we'll show you the solution to
0:56 these two exercises.