#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 16-18: List comprehensions and generators
Lecture: Concepts: what did we learn

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0:01 Let's look at what we've learned so far. List comprehensions. For both ways of doing a loop and conditional,
0:10 we loop over list and store all the modifications in a new list. Five lines of code. The more Pythonic ways to use a list comprehension.
0:20 One line of code. And it reads like English. We went through another sample cleaning up a word list, and you can do multiple checks.
0:29 in the conditional part over list comprehension. Secondly, generators. The simplest generator would be something like this.
0:40 For in range, yield the value. Generators, pause. So, after every call it stops at the yield, and comes back. Use a generator to build up a sequence.
0:54 Here I made a bunch of options for a fictional website. And instead of building up a list in the function, we use the yield statement
1:03 to just generate a sequence of items. And lastly, we look at list and generators, and we saw that when your data set grows
1:16 your really want to know about generators because the items are lazily loaded, not taking up the whole memory footprint. And that's it for the basics.
1:27 And now it's your turn for day two and three to get more practical exercise.

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