#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-15: Text-based games (and classes)
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 Alright third day,
0:01 if you're not done with the first two days,
0:03 just finish that up.
0:04 Just get your standard 3-way
0:06 Rock, Paper, Scissors working.
0:07 However, if you feel like you want to like,
0:09 take this to the next level and you got done really quickly,
0:12 if you've got some extra time left over,
0:13 try this 15-way Rock, Paper, Scissors.
0:16 This diagram is actually really hard to understand,
0:19 so I put together a battle CSV here
0:23 that tells you if the attacker is a gun
0:25 and the attacker attacks a dragon,
0:27 will a gun defeat a dragon?
0:29 Or does the dragon, over here dragon defeat a gun,
0:33 note the dragon loses to the gun,
0:35 but the gun defeats the dragon.
0:37 So you can think of this like,
0:38 sort of halfway redundant.
0:40 You really only need half this table,
0:42 but having that table is super helpful.
0:45 And here's a little bit of code,
0:46 we haven't gotten to CSVs yet,
0:47 but here's a little bit of code that will read that in
0:50 and you can use it to sort of parse that
0:52 and probably build from.
0:54 Okay, so if you're feeling super adventurous
0:57 and you've got extra time,
0:58 work on this Rock, Paper, Scissors 15-way,
1:01 otherwise just build standard 3-way rock-paper-scissor
1:03 and hope you have a lot of fun modeling these little games
1:06 with classes.