#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-15: Text-based games (and classes)
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 I hope it was fun to watch me write this D&D game,
0:02 but it's going to be way more fun
0:04 for you to write one yourself.
0:05 And no, we're not going to write the same game,
0:07 we're going to do something totally different and fun.
0:10 So, over here on the GitHub repo,
0:13 here's the D&D game in case you want to go in
0:15 and actually look the the code we just wrote.
0:17 So you can use that to help you come along here
0:20 as an example.
0:22 Now, let's go down a little bit here.
0:23 We're going to work on a different kind of game.
0:26 Rock, Paper, Scissors.
0:29 So, here's our wikiHow on how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors,
0:31 if you've never done it.
0:32 It's a straightforward, fun little game,
0:35 slightly more complicated than
0:36 just guessing a number and those sorts of things.
0:38 So, it's a pretty interesting game
0:40 in that sort of three option way.
0:43 And so what we're going to do,
0:45 definitely in the first two days,
0:46 maybe even into the third day,
0:47 is we're going to build the standard Rock, Paper, Scissor.
0:50 However, if you feel like you get done early
0:53 and you want something special,
0:54 like a big challenge,
0:55 I've also put a link here to this thing called
0:59 15 Way Rock, Paper, Scissors.
1:01 And, by the way, they even go beyond that
1:03 so you can have more than just 15.
1:05 I think there's like 25 is probably the highest I've seen,
1:08 but there's all sort of fun creatures and interesting
1:11 things going on here.
1:12 So, let's get to the first day.
1:13 So, what you're going to do is mostly just watch the videos,
1:16 learn what you're going to learn by watching them,
1:19 and let's just create a project
1:21 that's going to be the foundation of
1:23 Rock, Paper, Scissors.
1:24 You don't really need to create a virtual environment
1:26 or anything like that
1:27 because there's no dependencies,
1:28 there's really nothing to pip install,
1:30 which is the main reason to have a virtual environment.
1:33 First day, mostly just watch the videos
1:35 and create that starter project.