#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-15: Text-based games (and classes)
Lecture: Concept: Classes

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0:00 Let's quickly review the concepts around classes
0:02 and remember that classes
0:03 are the blueprints from which we create objects
0:06 and those objects are the things that act
0:09 and take on the data of our application.
0:12 So we start by using them in the class keyword
0:14 and then we just make up a name,
0:15 this is going to be the name of the blueprint,
0:18 or the type that we create, here we called it a creature.
0:21 And then we add a dunder init,
0:24 in one of these magic methods here
0:25 and every method that is on a class
0:27 has this self message what's called
0:29 a static method or a class method
0:31 and they always have self but,
0:33 but we don't have to explicitly pass those,
0:34 Python takes care of that for us.
0:36 If we want additional premiers, they go after self,
0:38 so name and the level and we're going to assign new fields
0:43 to this by saying self.name equals name
0:45 and the new ones for self.level equals the level.
0:49 We also can add behaviors by adding additional functions,
0:52 so get_defensive_role() for example.