#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-15: Text-based games (and classes)
Lecture: Introduction to the chapter

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0:00 Michael Kennedy here and I'm going to be your guide
0:02 for the next three days.
0:04 We're going to have a lot of fun working
0:06 with classes and objects.
0:09 This is one of the fundamental ways to model
0:13 things, concepts in your application.
0:15 And you'll see that classes very naturally map to
0:19 sort of real world ideas and more general stuff,
0:23 that gets more specialized like, say,
0:25 a car versus a Ferrari.
0:27 Right, a car is this general idea.
0:29 A Ferrari also is a car but a more specialized type of car.
0:33 And we're going to actually build some really fun games.
0:36 We'll build one in the demo and then I'll hand off
0:38 a separate game for you to build.
0:40 So we're going to build this little
0:42 Dungeons and Dragons wizard game.
0:45 It comes in just says, "Hello, it's the wizard game."
0:47 And we have this wizard, Gandalf.
0:49 And he will encounter various creatures in his little world.
0:54 And he has three options:
0:55 he can attack, or run away, or look around.
0:58 And so you can see we're entering various commands.
1:00 R, A and L.
1:02 So, first we run away and then the wizard sees a bat.
1:05 It's not very strong so he thinks
1:06 he can attack the bat and win. He does.
1:08 And was very, very close actually.
1:10 They basically hide but he had the element of surprise,
1:13 so he beat the bat.
1:14 And then he can look around and see what else is there.
1:18 The toad, the tiger; not so scary.
1:20 Level 1000 evil wizard then he's probably
1:24 getting away from that thing.
1:25 Alright, so, this is what we're going to build and we're
1:27 going to build it by modeling these ideas
1:30 in this little game using classes.