#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 10-12: Testing your code with pytest
Lecture: Third day: writing pytest fixtures

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0:01 Welcome back to the 100 Days of Python.
0:03 Day three of pytest.
0:05 And the final day
0:06 where I want you to get some more exercise.
0:09 And in all honestly, I recorded this lesson
0:13 and something was bugging me.
0:14 Fixtures.
0:15 I mean, fixtures are described
0:18 as the killer feature of pytest
0:19 and I did not cover them.
0:21 But no worries, you will learn them today.
0:24 I made this article explaining
0:26 everything you need to know
0:27 to start to use them in your test code.
0:29 And okay, it's a pretty long article,
0:32 but it's not too hard to actually learn and do.
0:36 There's a practical example in this article.
0:39 If you read through this, then you will see that
0:41 it's pretty easy to set up.
0:43 But it will make your test code a lot better.
0:45 So, I ask you today to come up with a use case,
0:50 so it can be to set up and tear down a database,
0:54 but it doesn't have to be a database.
0:55 It can also be an object of any kind,
0:58 a class, or something that requires
1:00 setUp and tearDown or even only setUp.
1:03 But I really want you to try to learn this skill.
1:05 As you know from unittest,
1:07 setUp and tearDown are commonly used,
1:09 and pytest fixtures are the way to do that.
1:11 So it's critical to understand this.
1:13 That's another day of practical exercises
1:16 and I think by the end of this day,
1:18 you'll have a good grasp on pytest.
1:20 Which will go a long way, because as we mentioned before,
1:23 writing test is a very important skill.
1:26 Good luck and let us know what you come up with.
1:28 Use the #100DaysOfCode and feel to include
1:31 TalkPython or PyBites in your tweets.
1:34 All right, have fun.