#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 10-12: Testing your code with pytest
Lecture: Second day: use pytest on your code

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0:00 Welcome back to the hundred days of Python.
0:02 This is day two of the pytest lesson.
0:05 Yesterday, we went over quite some concepts,
0:08 and now it's time to get practical.
0:10 So here, I pointed to a code challenge,
0:17 which is, not surprisingly, writing tests with pytest,
0:22 and it consists of going through your code,
0:25 see where tests are missing, and add them.
0:28 Another option is to test a Flask API,
0:31 or even contribute to open source.
0:34 There's a lot of great work being done,
0:36 and not all might have test coverage.
0:38 It might be a useful way to get into those projects,
0:41 to start adding tests.
0:43 So basically that, if you want to follow along,
0:45 you can clone our challenges repo
0:48 and make a branch and PR your work,
0:51 because we're always curious to see what you come up with.
0:54 Another way, if you want to just look at some tests,
0:58 is to head over to our bites.
0:59 Every bite is tested with a couple of pytests,
1:02 so each bite under the tests tab shows you pytest in action.
1:16 And a day generator...
1:24 And here is the exceptions being tested by pytest again.
1:28 One syntax we did not see is the pytest .fail.
1:32 This basically where it raises an exception
1:34 when it should not have, alright.
1:39 Then I want to point you to one more resource
1:42 and that's Brian Okken's Test and Code.
1:47 He has this podcast dedicated to testing in Python
1:52 and he is the author of Python Testing with Pytest
1:57 which is a great book.
1:58 I only showed you a couple of things.
2:01 This book goes in detail on how
2:03 to set up pytest configuration, fixtures, and a lot more.
2:08 So if you're serious about pytest, this is a great resource.
2:12 And that's it, today is all about getting practical
2:15 and tomorrow I'll check back in with you how it is going.
2:18 Good luck.