#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 7-9: Python Data Structures
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 Here is your three-day breakdown
0:02 for this lesson.
0:03 It's actually pretty simple.
0:05 There's not much to it because we are dealing
0:07 with data structures.
0:08 Super important though, so very important
0:11 that you get this down.
0:13 For the first day, we're just going to watch the videos.
0:16 Okay, there's not too much involved with this.
0:19 Just watch the videos that we have
0:21 on lists, tuples, dictionaries, and then just have
0:25 a play in the Python shell.
0:26 There's really not much to do.
0:28 So digest the content in the videos
0:30 and then hang around for day two.
0:33 Now the second day, it gets a bit more interesting.
0:37 What I'd like you to do is follow this link here,
0:39 this bites of Py code challenges promotion link.
0:45 This will give you free access to this specific bite.
0:48 This is a little challenge for you.
0:51 We just open it in a new tab.
0:54 Okay, I will log in with GitHub.
0:57 So you have to have your GitHub account ready.
1:00 And there you go.
1:02 So I'm already a premium member obviously,
1:04 but this will unlock this bite for you to work on
1:09 if you are not already a premium member.
1:12 This here is regarding dictionaries.
1:14 So have a good play with this.
1:16 Enjoy the challenge.
1:18 Work on it in the command line within your browser
1:22 and do that for day two.
1:26 Back for day three, this gets a little more tricky.
1:29 What I'd like you to do is a bit different as well.
1:31 I'd like you to go into this data.py file
1:36 which is here in the repo.
1:37 And I'd like you to just have a quick look
1:39 at the dictionary and the lists that are in there.
1:43 It is pretty much a list of just the United States states
1:48 and the acronym used for them.
1:52 So what you can do then is complete each one
1:57 of these little tasks, okay.
2:00 It will involve you actioning or working against
2:04 the list in the dictionary, pulling out data
2:06 and just playing around with them.
2:09 So you'll need to pull them into some,
2:12 whatever script, import them to whatever script
2:14 you'll be running this from.
2:16 And just remember that dictionaries are unsorted
2:20 so that should make this a little more tricky.
2:22 Alright, so that's your day three.
2:24 Just playing around with that data.py file.
2:26 Obviously if you want to play around with it
2:28 in any other way, go ahead, feel free.
2:31 But this is just a couple of quick,
2:33 these are just a couple of quick tasks for you to do
2:36 that should give you around 15 or 20 minutes worth
2:39 of practice which is what we're aiming for.
2:42 So enjoy, these are your three days
2:44 and let's get on with the video.