#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 4-6: Collections module
Lecture: Third day: get more practice

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0:00 Welcome back to the 100 days of Python, and the third day of the collections module. Now it's time to get some more practice yourself,
0:08 so I encourage you to try to use the new collection's data types in your scripts. We did the #100DaysOfCode ourselves and we made a module index script
0:19 which lists all the modules we used and the days we used them, so you can go to our log and look up those days
0:26 and look at the scripts that used the collections in one way or the other. This was the script to identify if a tip was already submitted to pytip,
0:35 and here we use the name namedtuple. And this was the script I was just showed you about the module indexer, and here we used defaultdict and Counter.
0:44 So you can look at more examples for where we used those data types, but maybe you can refer to some of your code to start using collections more.
0:52 And don't forget to mention 100 days of Python when you tweet out your progress. That's a great way to keep on track. Good luck, enjoy, and remember,
1:02 keep calm and code in Python.

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