#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 4-6: Collections module
Lecture: Counter: don't reinvent the wheel

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0:00 Let's move on with Counter.
0:02 Let's say we have a text which is split into words,
0:06 and we want to count the most common words.
0:11 Before I knew about collections,
0:14 I would write something like this.
0:26 There you go.
0:28 I had to loop over words, keep a dictionary,
0:32 see if the key was in the dictionary,
0:35 if not, initialize to zero.
0:38 If it's in there do plus one.
0:39 Then I had to loop over the items over the key value pairs,
0:45 sort them and use lambda to sort by value.
0:49 In reversed order and take a slice to get it to five.
0:53 Now compare that with using Counter,
0:55 and its most common method.
1:00 It's like magic, right?
1:02 One line of code, you pass the words list into the Counter,
1:06 and you call most common and you give the number
1:09 of top words you want to see and compare that
1:13 with all the work I had to do here and how easy it gets
1:17 by using the collections, Counter.