#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: PyBites code challenge platform

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0:00 As Michael stated,
0:01 there are 2 important
0:03 rules for the 100 Days.
0:05 And it is code an hour a day,
0:07 and track your progress.
0:08 Do a daily tweet of what you have accomplished that day.
0:11 In order to help you guys do that for this course,
0:14 we made a feature on our code challenges platform.
0:17 So head over to codechalleng.es
0:19 and sign in with GitHub
0:23 and go straight to 100DaysOfCode.
0:26 So here you see a template where you
0:28 can start the #100DaysOfCode,
0:30 but we made it easier
0:31 and made a direct link to populate
0:34 the 100 Days for you.
0:35 Head over to
0:38 start talkpython
0:44 and here you get a grid of 100 Days
0:48 with exactly the materials of each day.
0:51 So for example,
0:52 Day 1 you start with day times.
0:54 Day 1 is a lectures.
0:55 Day 2 is the practice,
0:57 and Day 3 is even more practice.
0:59 And you can just click on the Tweet icon
1:04 and that prepares a tweet for you,
1:06 so you can just tweet this out
1:08 or you can modify it as you want.
1:11 And then you can start to put things
1:13 into complete.
1:15 So here for example I hit Day 1, done.
1:18 And you see that this percent counter
1:20 then goes up and the items that you've done
1:22 are under done.
1:25 And so,
1:26 2.
1:28 And here you can document additional
1:30 learning, so here I learned that
1:34 time Delta, for example,
1:38 and here you are at the second lesson.
1:40 So this is Day 4 and here you're going to
1:42 look in the collections module, here.
1:46 Watch the videos.
1:48 And on 4% and here I did an exercise,
1:55 and marked complete.
1:57 So this is the grid of the whole
1:58 100 Days.
1:59 All the materials we have prepared for
2:01 this course,
2:03 and once you're done,
2:04 you have a nice love of all the stuff
2:06 you have coded and accomplished.
2:07 For example this is our #100DaysOfCode
2:10 which I imported from Twitter.
2:12 As you see we did a ton of coding
2:15 and you have it all nicely in one place,
2:18 and you can refer back to it which
2:20 we do often.
2:21 We go back to our script a lot,
2:23 pull out stuff we learned,
2:25 reuse it, and that's why it's nice to have
2:27 a #100DaysOfCode log.
2:29 Apart from that the tweeting is a very easy
2:33 and we encourage you to do that.
2:35 It's also a way to notify us what cool
2:37 stuff you are building for this course.
2:40 Completing the 100 Days is not easy.
2:42 It's a lot of work and dedication,
2:44 but at the end, it's a great accomplishment.
2:46 And you will have grown as a developer.
2:49 So you should be proud when you see this
2:51 honor of accomplishment when you hit the
2:53 hundred percent done.
2:55 So we hope this will help you
2:57 make it easy to keep track of your progress
2:59 during this course,
3:00 and if you want to tweet along is
3:03 stated in one of the rules.
3:04 This should make it very easy.
3:06 Alright and with that good luck
3:08 and prepare to learn a lot of of Python.