#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Three devs are better than one

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0:00 When you dedicate yourself to taking a course,
0:02 and carefully working the way
0:05 that the instructor, the author, is working,
0:07 you are effectively gaining much of the experience
0:09 that that particular author or developer
0:11 has gained through their career, through their jobs.
0:15 This course is special because it's taught by three people.
0:18 That means you get three experiences in one.
0:21 And this is super valuable.
0:22 Imagine that you have a job at this place.
0:24 You get to work with cool VR gear and
0:27 on hardware and IoT things.
0:29 You'll gain one set of experiences.
0:31 But if you took a different job,
0:33 say, you're starting a fashion start-up
0:35 with your friend, this woman, from college,
0:38 and you're just working on this coffee shop.
0:40 Being scrappy, working, trying to get
0:42 venture capital and launch your application,
0:44 you have a totally different experience
0:46 than this dude in a VR headset.
0:49 Or maybe you go the corporate route,
0:50 work at Microsoft like this guy here.
0:52 He's, you know, working on some new programming,
0:55 language tooling around Python.
0:57 These are all super different experiences.
0:59 And these experiences are very positive.
1:02 They give you a different perspective
1:03 and more perspectives on programming.
1:06 That's awesome.
1:07 How's that relevant to this course?
1:08 Well, with the three instructors,
1:09 we each have a slightly different set of tools.
1:12 And slightly different way of working.
1:15 We're going to show you next,
1:16 how each of us gets set up.
1:18 What you need to follow along with each of us:
1:20 Julian, Bob, and myself during our particular segments.
1:24 You don't have to work like us,
1:25 but if you want to do exactly what we're doing,
1:27 we'll show you how we got started.
1:29 And we feel this is super valuable for you.
1:31 You'll have not just one experience,
1:33 but three experiences kind of bundled up into one.
1:37 And so on the other side of this course,
1:39 you're going to have a broader perspective.
1:41 And that's pretty awesome.